Google last year introduced a new way to access your favourite websites easily by just adding a .new domain. The company expanded the domain’s availability to more websites earlier this week. The full list is given below:

To Create a New Google Slide:

To Create a New Google Document:

To Create New Document in Coda:

To Create a New Note:

To Create a New Google Sheet :

To Create a New Google Site:

To Create a New Event in Google Calendar:

To Create a New Google Form:

To Create a New Playlist or Podcast on Spotify:

To Create a New Blog Post in Medium:

To Start Designing in Canva:

To Create a New Shortlink:

To Create a New Repository and Gist on Github:

To Start Selling and Shopping on eBay:

To Start a Personal Meeting on Cisco Webex:

To Create New Reservation on OpenTable:

To Create a New Invoice or Subscription on Stripe:

To Start Runkit:

To Create a Personalized Album Artwork in OVO Sound:

Business owners can start registering for trademarked .new domains starting today till 14th January 2020. Registered applicants can apply for .new domains starting this 2nd December 2019. Registration will be open to all from 21st July 2020.

Register you .new domain here

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