Top 10 Famous Foods of Kolkata


Photo Credits – IDIVA

Best Location – Vivekananda Park/Dharmatala

Price – Starts from ₹10 (5 pieces)

Mishti Doi

Photo Credits – Gangurams

Best Location – Bheem Nag & Jadav Chandra Das

Price – Starts from ₹15

Radha Ballavi

Photo Credits – Bong Cook

Best Location – Available in Many Sweet Shops

Price – Starts from ₹5/piece


Photo Credits – The Hindu

Best Location – Maidan Area

Price – Starts from ₹5

Kolkata Biryani

Best Location – Aminia, Royal, Arsalan & many more…

Price – Starts from ₹45


Photo Credits – TodayIndya

Best Location – Dacres lane

Price – Starts from ₹3/piece


Photo Credits – What’stheHype

Best Location – K.C. Das, Bheem Nag, Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick

Price – Starts from ₹5/piece


Photo Credits – What’s Hot

Best Location – Hindusthan Sweets, Bheem Nag, K.C. Das, Banchharam, Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick, Nalin Chandra & many more…

Price – Starts from ₹5/piece

Kati Rolls

Photo Credits –

Best Location – Nizam

Price – Starts from ₹40/piece


Photo Credits – Anandabazar Patrika

Best Location – Dacres lane

Price – Starts from ₹10

*All prices mentioned above are based on local shops…prices may differ in big shops/restaurants.

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